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All about our hair intolerance testing for pets

Our innovative hair sample tests are the highest quality in the world and rely on the latest biotechnology for the most accurate results for you and your pet.

With just a small sample of your pet’s hair our sophisticated testing equipment will analyze and determine the exact substances your pet shows intolerance to. So that we can help you focus on getting the best results for your pet, their comprehensive analysis will only include the items they show intolerance to. After performing thousands of tests we’ve determined the threshold where symptoms begin to develop and continually monitor our performance. In addition to the list of items your pet’s results will include information where the items may be found (like what products contain an item) so they can be avoided as well as guidance on the results.

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Discover sensitivities and intolerances affecting their well being

Order your pet’s test today!

Reports indicate that up to half of all the pets in the United States could be affected by one or more intolerances. A pet’s pain and discomfort isn’t just physical, as prolonged misery may have an impact on their mental health as well. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis of the exact foods or environmental items is essential to determine the root cause of suffering. We provide you a comprehensive and easy-to-understand report detailing the specific items your pet is currently reacting to.

Common intolerance symptoms

Common intolerance symptoms pets experience range from mild to severe and could include hot spots, chewing on paws, excessive hair loss, joint pain, severe gas, diarrhea, runny nose, and watery eyes. Our quick and easy tests cover a wide range of common foods and environmental items. Altering your pet’s diet and avoiding situations where they could be exposed to the items should help them recover so they can lead a normal life. Pet owner’s often believe they know which food their pet is intolerant to, but after testing find out it is something else causing the problems.

We test for up to 300 specific items!

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