Hair Testing

Affordable and Reliable Tests

With just a few strands of your pet’s hair we can identify their sensitivities and intolerances to help you improve their health and wellness.

Hair Testing Science

Hair testing science has been progressing for the past 25 years since it was discovered in scientific studies that the body permanently embeds data in the hair. Medical professionals and scientists continue to make discoveries that utilize hair testing and it has been found that hair acts like a storage device where the data remains stable over time – much longer than blood or urine samples – which enables at-home sample collection to be performed with the same accuracy as in the lab. Hair testing is used regularly in many fields including forensic science, nutritional analysis, drug testing, mineral analysis, and hormone testing.

10 – 15 Strands of Hair

Our lab employs a registered class 11a medical device to provide accurate and reliable results

*According to ISO EN 13485. Other medical equipment in the Class 11 level include x-ray machines, ultrasound equipment & radiology equipment.