Holistic Testing Complete (300)



Allergy test for dogs, cats and horses

  • Covers 300 Specific Items
  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Easy-to-Understand Report
  • Fast Results

Note: Your test kit will arrive within 3 – 5 business days



Does your pet seem uncomfortable or have issues with their skin, breathing, or digestion? If they’re constantly scratching or biting themselves they may suffer from an intolerance to a substance in their diet or environment. The best course of action is to eliminate the substance, but first you need to determine exactly what it is so you can help them.

Holistic Testing Complete will give you a clear picture of how your dog or cat reacts to a wide variety of foods and environmental items. Only SensiPet Complete uses a sample of your pet’s hair to test 300 specific items – nearly 20x more than our basic food panel. Find out if your pet is experiencing a sensitivity or intolerance that could be affecting their well being.